Fun Board & Card Games

I find a lot of people my age that like to use electronics when they are bored to play video games, watch video games, other YouTube videos, or binge watch television and movies. These things get more attention than board or card games you can play in real life. Listed below are some games that require at least one opponent but don’t require any electronic to play that I still find to be fun today:

The Game of Chess
Game of Strategy – CHESS
  • Checkers / Chess – Grab an opponent and play one or the other to either win or checkmate! When I was younger, I wanted to play checkers a lot until I learned chess which I have a special interest in. It helps you be a smarter person and use your brain more which is why it is so beneficial to play and learn more about the game. Checkers is also another fun game anyone can play without too much thought. Either prevent your opponent from moving at all or eliminate all of their colored checkers!
  • Uno – Play until you have no cards to match the number or color with the last played card laying in front of you! There is more than one version to this game, but I prefer the original version. I have learned the game Uno Flip most recently which gives more variety to the sets of cards. Multiple people can play the game at one time. This can even be up to as much as 10 players.
  • Sorry – Simply escort all your colored pawns to Home before anyone else and you win! There are also many versions to this game. I have personally played the original Sorry game with a little bit of Sorry Slide, and some of Sorry Spin. A family of four can play any of these versions at one time.
  • Game of Life – Get a job, get married, have kids if you wish, retire, and be the richest player at the end of the game! Use action cards to get everyone involved even if it is your turn. This game also has a limit up to four players at one time.
  • Clue – It is pretty cool to see that this game actually originated from a movie and that it has multiple endings to it. It is satisfying for me to check boxes and eliminate suspects, objects, and locations as the game progresses. It feels good to accuse correctly at the end of the game if you get the chance! Up to six people can play the game.
  • Monopoly – This is in my opinion the most well-known board game out there. Gain properties to build houses and hotels on to become the richest player or the only player that doesn’t go bankrupt. Many people play really long games that go on for hours or maybe even days. A way to reduce the time is giving players less money to buy properties or pay rent or adding a time limit to later find the richest player at the end of the round. I still find the longer version to be more fun because it is how we learned it and the fun lasts that much longer. There are eight special characters for each player who wishes to play the game with others.
  • Bonus: Just playing with a normal deck of cards is sometimes fun. Solitaire, Slap Jack, Go Fish, Old Maid, and Poker come to mind. Each game has a different limit to how many players can participate. I find Solitaire and Go Fish to be fun, but go ahead and take your pick on it.