Popular Lakes to visit in Kansas, USA

Clinton Lake

This reservoir is located near Lawrence, Kansas. K-10 used to end right at the lake, but it now bypasses the city of Lawrence and ends at the Kansas Turnpike aka I-70. You can still travel here off an exit at the southwest side.

El Dorado Lake

This reservoir is located near El Dorado, Kansas east of Wichita. The Kansas Turnpike goes over its north side and you can exit via US-77 or K-177 to visit this lake to take pictures of nature. If you are coming from the south end, you can also follow US-54 east of Wichita and El Dorado and find it to the north.

Cedar Bluff Reservoir

There are very few lakes on the west side of Kansas, but if you are willing to take the trip, you can find this lake located south of I-70 and north of K-4 via K-147. If you look out west, it is very hard to spot lakes that exist in Western Kansas. An honorable mention is Lake Scott State Park that is north of Scott City and is probably one of the only lakes like Cedar Bluff that exist in this region of the state. Cedar Bluff Reservoir is probably one of the biggest lakes in this part of the state and is worth visiting sometime.

Wilson Lake

Lake Wilson Kansas
Lake Wilson Kansas

This lake is located in west central Kansas south of K-18 and north of I-70 via K-232.  K-181 meets up with K-232 here and is another way to get to Wilson Lake. K-232 goes an extra mile south of I-70 to get to Wilson, Kansas in which the lake or the city was named after. Although a very big lake, there appear to be even bigger lakes in Kansas than this one. It is still a great place to visit nonetheless like all the other ones mentioned and like some other big lakes, there are houses near the lake to give people inside a great view day and night.

Milford Lake

Milford Lake is the largest lake in the state of Kansas with an area of 64 square kilometres. This lake is located north of I-70, west of Junction City, and west US-77 via K-57. K-244 meets up with K-57 from I-70 and is another way to get to Milford Lake. If you draw a line of symmetry on US-81, Wilson and Milford Lakes almost appear to fold on one another on a map. Even though looking similar in that way, out of all the lakes in Kansas, this is probably one of the more special ones since it holds a record for the state. I am sure you can do all sorts of things like you can with all lakes: Ride a boat, camp, fish, hike, and most importantly, relax.

Five things to do while Stuck at Home or in Quarantine

Having fun at your own house can be fun, but after a long time, I think most people can agree it can get quite boring. Whether it is a normal day or if there is COVID-19 in your area, here are five things I recommend you do so you can stay at least somewhat productive with your time:

Courtyard by Marriott, Kansas City South (Kansas City, MO) USA
Courtyard by Marriott, Kansas City South (Kansas City, MO) USA

Rest up
If you have nothing to do, it is not a bad idea to catch up on some hours you missed the past few nights. That way, when you are busy, you will feel more capable of completing your task. At night, it is easier to go to sleep when you are bored because when you have lots of thoughts going through your mind, it is harder to sleep because your mind is distracting you. No one likes being tired, so if you have the chance, you can relax and take a nice afternoon nap so you can finish the day strong.

The Game of Chess
Game of Strategy – CHESS

Playing video/board games
I know video games is something we tend to do too much already, but the reason why this is a good suggestion is because time will pass by faster than you will think. Anything fun like this will entertain you for the time being until you can (safely) get back to normal activities you have planned throughout the week. There are also plenty of board or even card games you can play that are not on the internet such as Monopoly or Chess that you can play for hours and hours. This leads into my next suggestion.

Have fun together as a group
If there are a group of you that have nothing to do, you might as well try to play something that you can’t do by yourself. Even playing games online with others is a great choice. Whether it is friends of family, or the same group over and over again, it should be more fun than trying to do something by yourself. This is a highly recommended thing to do if you are bored because you can do a lot more multiplayer activities than single player, and even in single player games like minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, etc., it is always nice to have a friend play with you on your side.

Take a short drive
If it is legal and you have your own vehicle, getting out of the house for an hour or two is a way to take a break from living in your house for a long time. You can take some snacks and refreshments and drive to somewhere like a lake and come right back. The experience is even better if there is less traffic and your destination is quiet and peaceful. If you know somewhere like this, going to it every once in a while is a nice way to give you a break before resuming your normal schedule.

Increase your skill level with your hobbies
Whether it is music, drawing, writing, reading, or running, you can take the time to get better and better at it and use it to impress others. If you have a very long time to spend on something like this, you can plan out a project and use your skills to create something big. You get bonus points for making money off of what you create. Whatever you do, make it something you or others will enjoy, have fun doing it, and be very creative with what you make!