Fastest Road In America

If you were to search around the world to find the fastest speed of travel on a highway, you would find Texas Highway 130 in America. This 40-mile stretch of toll road in Texas costs over six dollars per car to drive on it. From Austin to San Antonio, the speed limit reaches a record high of 85 mph, or about 137 km/h. Some cars on interstates drive a little faster than the speed limit, which in this case would be around 90 mph. This is already reaching 145 km/h in speed. 

It makes sense that it’s in Texas, the second biggest state and the largest of the 48 contiguous states. The land is not too flat, but flat enough that the ride isn’t too bumpy. Knowing its size, you can assume it would take awhile to travel from one point to another in Texas. In September 2011, a law was passed to allow travelers to travel 75 mph on state highways as well.

Other Fast Roads

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There is no doubt that Texas Highway 130 from the capitol city, Austin, to San Antonio is the fastest road in the nation. But is there a faster road in the world? It depends on how fast drivers actually drive on the road, regardless of the speed limit. Roads such as the Autobahn in Germany allow drivers to go as fast as they want. Although faster speeds sound like a good idea, it’s important to make sure everyone driving on the road is safe.

There may be roads in western America that are rural enough to allow fast speeds, such as Arizona Route 79. Although the posted speed limit there is not higher than in Texas, drivers often speed through as fast as 90mph. Find out more about Route 79 here. Nonetheless, you should check out what has proven to be the fastest road in America located in Texas, USA.