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Are you the kind of travel explorer who wants to make sure to see the most interesting and unique attractions when you travel? We have spent countless hours researching before each of our trips.  Always making sure that we make the most of our time, we find the best each location has to offer. We are thrifty travelers, too, so we will share our money-saving tips. Sometimes we splurge on the lodging, and sometimes we found a great deal on a budget that we just couldn’t pass up and have to tell you about.

These are real life travel tips from actual travel adventures. The photos are our own unless otherwise specified. The research and advice are those of a family who love to explore and travel together.

Family Travel Tips

Most often, we are traveling as a family with our children, so we will share from a perspective of what worked well when traveling with children and, perhaps more importantly, what did not.  We will tell you about each hotel we stayed at, including whether the kids liked the pool.  Also, we will share what was the most exciting place we visited in each location.

Unique Perspectives

We will provide an eclectic selection of travel tips. For example, our tips will almost always include the uniquely American interest of where to find the McDonald’s when the kids just need a taste of home.  Of course, we will also share tips for finding the best local food offerings for when everyone is in a more adventurous mood.  We are a multicultural family, so we will be sharing a variety of perspectives on each location.

So, take a look around the site, and be sure to use the search feature to go straight to what you are looking for if you are in a hurry. Check back, as we are always adding more information from current and past trips. We will even include video reviews by our kids, when you want to hear the real, unfiltered opinions.

Amsterdam Canals in Netherlands



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