Alaska and Hawaii

Alaska and Hawaii have some similarities and differences. The two states are the only two states not part of the forty-eight contiguous states and were also the last two states admitted into the United States both in 1959, Alaska the forty-ninth, and Hawaii being number fifty. The two states also have differences from each other, mainly in weather. Alaska is the coldest U.S. state and is either experiencing sunlight or darkness for almost the entire day. Hawaii always has hot weather and has just about the same amount of sunlight all year round. Alaska is the biggest U.S. state while Hawaii is one of the smaller ones, being the eighth smallest in the country. Each are unique and special in their own ways, and there are many places to go to in these areas that you should check out. 

In Alaska, USA, some destinations are listed here:

  • Aurora Ice Museum
  • Mendenhall Ice Caves
  • Dr. Seuss House
  • Glacier Bay National Park
  • Juneau
  • Homer
  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Kodiak Island
  • Seward

In Hawaii, USA, some destinations are listed here: