Lake Scott State Park Kansas

Lake Scott State Park is located in Scott County ten miles north of the town of Scott City, Kansas. It is hard to find a lake this nice this far west in Kansas. Taking via US-83, you can take K-95 at the first available moment. The speed limits are no joke. There are plenty of curves on not the widest road.

From a distance, it looks like the prairie continues forever and ever, but in this big gap in the land, you will find a lake located in Lake Scott State Park. I have always enjoyed stopping by a time or two here. It is a nice detour along your travels on US-83.

Lake Scott State Park Kansas
Lake Scott State Park Kansas

You can find canyons, springs, ponds, small rivers, and several campgrounds. All campgrounds I found on the map will be listed below:

  • Elm Grove
  • Apache
  • Lakeside
  • Flatland
  • Circle Derive
  • Boat Ramp
  • Bull Canyon South
  • Lake View
Springs in Lake Scott State Park Kansas

Whenever I used to visit with my family, we would almost always stop at the Circle Drive Campground to view the lake and enjoy life. There is a west and east Scott Lake Drive that together surround the lake. We always like to take the west drive, but the east drive is very good also. There are restrooms and showers available for those wanting to know.

Overall, this is a decent state park. If there is one thing in western Kansas I enjoyed visiting, this will be put on the list for sure. The lake’s size is good considering where it is located. Consider stopping by here along your travels on all of the two-laned highways out there in western Kansas!

Popular Lakes to visit in Kansas, USA

Clinton Lake

This reservoir is located near Lawrence, Kansas. K-10 used to end right at the lake, but it now bypasses the city of Lawrence and ends at the Kansas Turnpike aka I-70. You can still travel here off an exit at the southwest side.

El Dorado Lake

This reservoir is located near El Dorado, Kansas east of Wichita. The Kansas Turnpike goes over its north side and you can exit via US-77 or K-177 to visit this lake to take pictures of nature. If you are coming from the south end, you can also follow US-54 east of Wichita and El Dorado and find it to the north.

Cedar Bluff Reservoir

There are very few lakes on the west side of Kansas, but if you are willing to take the trip, you can find this lake located south of I-70 and north of K-4 via K-147. If you look out west, it is very hard to spot lakes that exist in Western Kansas. An honorable mention is Lake Scott State Park that is north of Scott City and is probably one of the only lakes like Cedar Bluff that exist in this region of the state. Cedar Bluff Reservoir is probably one of the biggest lakes in this part of the state and is worth visiting sometime.

Wilson Lake

Lake Wilson Kansas
Lake Wilson Kansas

This lake is located in west central Kansas south of K-18 and north of I-70 via K-232.  K-181 meets up with K-232 here and is another way to get to Wilson Lake. K-232 goes an extra mile south of I-70 to get to Wilson, Kansas in which the lake or the city was named after. Although a very big lake, there appear to be even bigger lakes in Kansas than this one. It is still a great place to visit nonetheless like all the other ones mentioned and like some other big lakes, there are houses near the lake to give people inside a great view day and night.

Milford Lake

Milford Lake is the largest lake in the state of Kansas with an area of 64 square kilometres. This lake is located north of I-70, west of Junction City, and west US-77 via K-57. K-244 meets up with K-57 from I-70 and is another way to get to Milford Lake. If you draw a line of symmetry on US-81, Wilson and Milford Lakes almost appear to fold on one another on a map. Even though looking similar in that way, out of all the lakes in Kansas, this is probably one of the more special ones since it holds a record for the state. I am sure you can do all sorts of things like you can with all lakes: Ride a boat, camp, fish, hike, and most importantly, relax.

Little Pyramids Kansas USA

Located South of New Jerusalem State Park and North of Lake Scott , Kansas is a beautiful rock formation called Little Pyramids.

Little Pyramids Kansas USA

Directions to Little Pyramids
Take the country Gold Road headed West (same road to enter New Jerusalem State Park) off US-83. Then go South on country 390 road to Elk Road and you can’t miss the Pyramids. If you head South on the 390 road, it will eventually join 400 road which enters the Lake Scott State Park from the North. Stay on the right side of the road to give room for any oncoming traffic especially from the Fairleigh Ranch nearby. Roads can be really dusty most of the time. Do remember though, when it rains, it can be muddy!

Beautiful and Rugged Country Drive
You can see cattle from the Fairleigh Ranch grazing nearby or more rocks or even farmers harvesting crops as you drive to Little Pyramids and on to Lake Scott. Enjoy some beautiful rugged country driving in Western Kansas.

Western Kansas is not always flat!
Fall Harvest Kansas USA
Fall Harvest Kansas USA


Travel Tips for USA Family Travelers

At Travel Explorer USA, we are based in the US and love to explore our home.  There is incredible variety in the things to see in America. You can enjoy beautiful mountain vistas, relax at the beach, or explore the rugged desert.  Or if you prefer, walk through the woods, explore a rain forest, or enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets across the plains.  We have breathtaking waterfalls and awe-inspiring geysers.  And did you know we even have fiords, right here in America?  We love the excitement of exploring foreign countries, but you can see almost every kind of natural wonder right here at home if you like. The USA is a great place for family travel.

Please check back often for our USA travel tips.  We will be posting new articles daily, full of advice that is especially helpful for traveling families.  For instance, we know that it matters whether or not the hotel has a swimming pool, and if there are nearby restaurants with food that kids will actually eat.  And our tips will focus on helpful information we have learned by actually being there, most often with our kids with us.

Coming soon……

Upcoming articles will include:

National Parks:

First, let us say that we highly recommend the national parks for fun, memorable, and educational vacations.  We will begin with Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, with more to follow.  Some of our favorite, once-in-a-lifetime family memories have happened in national parks, and we will keep exploring more!


Enjoy our photos of the California Coast,  including Big Sur, Highway One, Pacific Grove, Monterrey, San Francisco, and LA.  We will also feature Anaheim, Sacramento, and Redding, along with our tips for where to stay for the best value.


Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, the gateway to Pikes Peak, and Denver are a few of our favorites.  And we can’t forget Estes Park, one of my favorite places on earth.  You seriously see a postcard-quality view every time you turn around in that place!

East Coast

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is our favorite, family-friendly beach for swimming.  There are so many fun activities for families in Myrtle Beach, in addition to the obvious one of spending time at the beach.  We can tell you the best place to buy souvenirs, as well as where to go for great food.


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a great place for families to have fun.  In addition, we also enjoyed Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina, as both are great places with friendly people.  We can’t wait to bring you information on more places in the South in the near future.


St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch is a great place to visit.

Kansas City is known for beautiful fountains, world-class BBQ and jazz, and so much more.  It is also one of our favorite places to go for a family get-away.


Because we make our home in Kansas, we can give you insider information on places like the Monument Rocks, Lake Scott State Park, Mushroom Rock State Park, and Rock City.  We know where to stay in places such as Dodge City, Topeka, or Wichita.  We can also offer first-hand information about zoos, waterparks, lakes, and museums in several locations.

lake sunset

Lake Scott State Park in Kansas

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