Edelweiss German Cuisine Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Authentic German Food in a beautiful setting with live music on the weekends. We asked the musicians to play the Edelweiss song from the Sound of Music. They did and one of the musicians sang the song while he played his German Accordion.


Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

You can sit outside during nice weather and and enjoy a German Beer Garden (Biergarten) experience.

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

The restaurant has beautiful German decor and you can even buy souvenirs.

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

Edelweiss German Restaurant Colorado Springs USA

The menu has real authentic German and European Cuisine. Don’t forget the desserts. Recommend the Apple Strudel for sure. You cannot go wrong on your choice. You may have to loosen your belt as you are not going away hungry!

Mile Markers in Colorado

Colorado is one of the homes the Rocky Mountains occupy. If you are traveling here by car through Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Wyoming, or even Nebraska, it might be helpful to know what locations you might pass along the way. I will just briefly list cities on each interstates and the exit numbers that connect with it. 

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

Remember that exit numbers aren’t just made up. They represent at what mile of the interstate you are at. For example, if you are at mile marker 100, and you find an exit, you will notice the exit number will be the same or off just by a mile or two. If you are traveling west or south, the numbers will count down until you reach a new state or the end of the highway. It will be the opposite if you are traveling north or east on the road. 

Knowing this information, you can take the mile marker you are at as well as the exit number you are looking for and do the math. If you are at mile marker 88 and are traveling to a location with the exit number being 256, that means you are 168 miles away from your destination. It might be another two and a half hour trip assuming traffic is good and you make less stops along the way. So, with all of that being said, listed below are cities all in Colorado you will find along each interstate and what exit number they are at. Note that not every single one you can possibly find is listed. I hope you will find this useful someday.


  • 11-15 – Trinidad
  • 49-52 – Walsenburg & Farista
  • 71 & 74 – Colorado City
  • 94-104 – Pueblo
  • 128-161 – Colorado Springs Area (Including Suburbs)
  • 181-188 – Castle Rock & Castle Pines
  • 194-228 – Denver Area (Including Suburbs) 
  • 240 & 243 – Longmont Exits
  • 257 – Loveland Exit 
  • 269 A & B – Fort Collins Exit
  • 278 – Wellington


  • 1-25 – Denver Area (Including Suburbs)
  • 31 – Hudson
  • 39 – Keenesburg
  • 64 & 66 – Wiggins
  • 75-82 – Fort Morgan
  • 89-92 – Brush
  • 125 – Sterling
  • 149 – Crook
  • 165 – Sedgwick
  • 180 – Julesburg


  • 11-44 – Grand Junction Area (Including Suburbs)
  • 62 – De Beque
  • 75 – Parachute
  • 87-97 – Rifle & Silt
  • 114 & 116 – Glenwood Springs
  • 140-147 – Gypsum & Eagle
  • 163-168 – Edwards, Avon & Eagle Vail
  • 176 & 180 – Vail
  • 195 – Copper Mountain
  • 201 & 205 – Frisco, Silverthorne & Dillion
  • 226 & 228 – Silver Plume & Georgetown
  • 239-241 – Idaho Springs
  • 260-289  – Denver Area (Including Suburbs)
  • 304-316 – Bennett, Strasburg & Byers
  • 328 – Deer Trail
  • 359-363 – Limon
  • 371 – Genoa
  • 395 – Flagler
  • 405 – Seibert
  • 419 – Stratton
  • 437 & 438 – Burlington

Colorful Colorado USA

Welcome to Colorful Colorado! If you prefer central America but don’t like the flat lands, this is a state to check out. Home to the Rocky Mountain National Park and the rest of the mountains, this state is decent in size, has very scenic areas, and a great vacation spot. People can come to ski, snowboard, ride a mountain bike, dwell in a lodge with a hot tub, or even just drive around the mountains.

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

Denver, Colorado
The main interstates that travel through the entire state are I-25 & I-70 that form a plus shape. They meet in the capital city, Denver. I-76 travels from I-80 in Nebraska to this city. I-270 & I-225 are inside the city with Colorado Highway 470 circling the city. The east half is toll road while the west half is non-toll road.

Denver, Colorado has both an NBA and NFL team to root for pretty much all year-round aka the Denver Nuggets, and the Denver Broncos. Boulder, CO northwest of Denver is home of Colorado University.

From Denver, you could travel north through multiple cities like Loveland and Fort Collins to the state of Wyoming and its capital city Cheyenne. Or you could travel south through Colorado Springs and Pueblo to the state of New Mexico. Or you could even continue west through the Rocky Mountains where you meet the city of Grand Junction just miles before the state of Utah. Traveling east takes you to the state of Kansas.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Whenever my family and I travel from the east side of the state to the mountains, we like to stop in Limon, Colorado for a break and to get souvenirs from Colorado Gifts located right off the interstate at Exit 361. From there we go northwest to Denver or southwest to Colorado Springs, another great city next to Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods located to the west.

Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs USA
Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs USA

Eastern Colorado
Some people claim that eastern Colorado is just a flat, dry land with not too many things interesting. There is US-50 however is a better route through this part of the state if you aren’t taking I-70. The northeast isn’t as bad since there is another interstate you can take. In fact, western Kansas and eastern Colorado have the same feel to them. It is true that they both have flat areas and nothing that exciting for people that live in the big cities, but it is a nice place to live for people that don’t like populated areas so much.

Historic Stanley Hotel Estes Park Colorado USA
Historic Stanley Hotel Estes Park Colorado USA

Estes Park
There are more places worth checking out that I haven’t really mentioned yet. I have been to Estes Park more than once, it is a good area to stay at if you are visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park.

South West Colorado
If you happen to travel in southwest Colorado, it is also very scenic and there is a lot to tour there. If you can take via US-160 to the very southwest part of the state where you can find Mesa Verde and Four Corners, you can see a nice looking desert. A cool thing I saw was the San Juan River right before the border to New Mexico and the four corners monument. I love how the river was big and it was the only obvious green area in the entire reservation. A bonus is being able to add a few more states to your list of states visited.

Colorful Colorado, in conclusion, is one of coolest mountain states I have ever seen in my opinion, and I have been to 20+ states so far. I think you will enjoy your time there if you choose this place as your next summer vacation destination. I will try to include more information about this state in the near future on this website, so stay tuned!


Travel Tips for USA Family Travelers

At Travel Explorer USA, we are based in the US and love to explore our home.  There is incredible variety in the things to see in America. You can enjoy beautiful mountain vistas, relax at the beach, or explore the rugged desert.  Or if you prefer, walk through the woods, explore a rain forest, or enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets across the plains.  We have breathtaking waterfalls and awe-inspiring geysers.  And did you know we even have fiords, right here in America?  We love the excitement of exploring foreign countries, but you can see almost every kind of natural wonder right here at home if you like. The USA is a great place for family travel.

Please check back often for our USA travel tips.  We will be posting new articles daily, full of advice that is especially helpful for traveling families.  For instance, we know that it matters whether or not the hotel has a swimming pool, and if there are nearby restaurants with food that kids will actually eat.  And our tips will focus on helpful information we have learned by actually being there, most often with our kids with us.

Coming soon……

Upcoming articles will include:

National Parks:

First, let us say that we highly recommend the national parks for fun, memorable, and educational vacations.  We will begin with Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, with more to follow.  Some of our favorite, once-in-a-lifetime family memories have happened in national parks, and we will keep exploring more!


Enjoy our photos of the California Coast,  including Big Sur, Highway One, Pacific Grove, Monterrey, San Francisco, and LA.  We will also feature Anaheim, Sacramento, and Redding, along with our tips for where to stay for the best value.


Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, the gateway to Pikes Peak, and Denver are a few of our favorites.  And we can’t forget Estes Park, one of my favorite places on earth.  You seriously see a postcard-quality view every time you turn around in that place!

East Coast

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is our favorite, family-friendly beach for swimming.  There are so many fun activities for families in Myrtle Beach, in addition to the obvious one of spending time at the beach.  We can tell you the best place to buy souvenirs, as well as where to go for great food.


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a great place for families to have fun.  In addition, we also enjoyed Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina, as both are great places with friendly people.  We can’t wait to bring you information on more places in the South in the near future.


St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch is a great place to visit.

Kansas City is known for beautiful fountains, world-class BBQ and jazz, and so much more.  It is also one of our favorite places to go for a family get-away.


Because we make our home in Kansas, we can give you insider information on places like the Monument Rocks, Lake Scott State Park, Mushroom Rock State Park, and Rock City.  We know where to stay in places such as Dodge City, Topeka, or Wichita.  We can also offer first-hand information about zoos, waterparks, lakes, and museums in several locations.

lake sunset

Lake Scott State Park in Kansas

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Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park

When mentioning beautiful places in the state of Colorado, Estes Park should be on that list. If you are visiting the Rocky Mountains, it is almost necessary to see Rocky Mountain National Park located in northern Colorado. Estes Park is the place most people stay when visiting this national park. It is a fun curvy drive through these mountains for sure. There are three direct routes to get here which I will explain now.

Estes Park Colorado
Estes Park Colorado

US-34, US-36, and Colorado Highway 7 meet in this city. The more common routes are the nation’s highways, US-34 & US-36. Colorado Highway 7 is an alternate route from Lyons, Colorado to Estes Park and is a nice shortcut to the city when heading directly north from a city such as Nederland, Black Hawk, or even Idaho Springs. If you are traveling to Estes Park via I-25, you can take one of two US highways. If you are coming from the north end heading south, it would make much more sense to travel to Loveland and take the decent drive on US-34 to Estes Park. However, if you are coming from the south end heading north, travelling on US-36 going through Boulder, CO from Denver, CO is the more direct route.

Coming into town from the east side, you will notice nice scenery located around Lake Estes. Big Thompson River is the primary river that runs through this lake as well as a smaller Fish Creek. There are a couple of places to sit and relax by the lake if you wish. Fall River and Black Canyon Creek are other rivers that run through this area. 

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

There are plenty of places to eat, shop, tour, and lodge before or after visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park. US-34 is the road that really goes through these named mountains with plenty of places to stop and take pictures. There are picnic sites, trails, and lodges located every few miles from each other. For example, Alpine Visitor Center is a place to stop and rest that contains a cafe and a gift shop to collect souvenirs. Further west down the road, you eventually find the city of Grand Lake as well as the actual Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake, and Lake Granby. Following the Colorado River, you will finally end up in the city of Granby where the US-34 ends at US-40. From there, you could continue travelling west into northwest Colorado or head east to I-70.

Rocky Mountain National Park Alpine View
Rocky Mountain National Park Alpine View

In summary, if you take anything away from this, know that if you are ever visiting the state of Colorado, this is a must. I have visited the state several times and Estes Park a couple times when I was younger and it was overall a great experience! Consider this being one of your next travel destinations when the weather is slightly warmer! It is one of the most scenic places in America still to this day. Go to www.rockymountainnationalpark.com for more information.