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Road Warrior Tech Gadgets

Road Warrior Tech Gadgets

Road Warrior Tech GadgetsRoad Warrior Tech Gadgets


If you work and travel, you will need tech gadgets to stay connected to your office and still have fun.  While a speedometer will let you know how many miles you have travelled (if you are driving),  you may be completely jetlagged while flying. You may not even know what time zone you are in or what time it is at your destination.

Time Zone Globe Schiphol Airport Netherlands

Time Zone Globe Schiphol Airport Netherlands

A good smartphone is a must. It is almost impossible to go anywhere without a mobile or cell phone. Since it is quite expensive to call from abroad, we recommend purchasing local sim cards in the country you are travelling to. Problem is most US phones do not work overseas.  You will need a GSM phone like from AT&T or T-Mobile unlocked. GSM phones work well when travelling to international destinations as it will take their local sim cards. Standard Sprint PCS and Verizon Cdma do not use GSM technology.

If you have a Mobile VoIP App (Voice Over IP or Internet App), you can get your voice mail (as an audio attachment) in your email on your smartphone even when you are abroad. You can get virtual local phone numbers that you can answer live over the Internet while travelling.

For an example, you can have your family call you on their local number (say in San Francisco, USA), which you can answer while you are in London. It will be a local free call for your family. You will need to have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or local mobile data from your local in country phone company. This really opens up world travel.

You can also use apps like WhatsApp (now owned by Facebook) , Skype (now owned by Microsoft), Google Hangouts etc. The neat thing about your own mobile app is you can even program or filter which calls you wish to answer and send the rest to voice mail. If you run the mobile app via your corporate or work VPN or Private VPN, you can have better encryption and privacy.




Private Branded Call Center

Private Branded VoIP Call Centre

So, you’ve heard about VoIP (Voice-over IP), and you want to run your office from the cloud while on the road?

Fortunately, that’s where Globalink Inc comes in. We believe that your customer should stay just that…your customer. That’s why we offer private branding of our VoIP services, so that your customer only knows you. We take care of the back-end technical server stuff, so that you can focus on  managing your customers or your employees. We can help you learn what you need to know and manage your office in the cloud. You can manage everything right from the internet web browser and use our mobile app. You can travel and take the office on the road!